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Logo creation, branding and visual identity

Beyond aesthetics, design tells a story and adds meaning and function to a project. A logo is the first step in creating your brand's visual identity. We collaborate at each stage and throughout the creation process. Once the logo is validated and finalised, the next step is the creation of your visual identity, which will reflect your image and your brand's values. I will then create a graphic chart that will help you maintain consistency across all your communication media, whether it is print or digital.

Key Steps

Graphic Design recherche et analyse de création de marque



In this phase, the objective is to understand the values, mission, target and tone of the brand and then position the work in a graphic environment. I do my graphic research before proposing the first drafts of the logo and a 'moodboard'. This graphic board will have a proposal of colour palettes and typographic style corresponding to your business domain in order to better understand the graphic universe of the project and to define which way the project will go.


Logo development

Once the first logo options are validated, I move on to the final logo design stage and mood board. This allows us to determine the graphic style, the chosen colour palette and the desired typographic style.

Once the logo is finalised, I will present the options to you in different graphic scenarios to help you anticipate the rest of your project.

Création et dessin du logo
Création du logo final



Once the final version is selected, we will then work on the finalization of the whole visual identity project. The logo will be carefully worked on to have the final rendering. The final colour palette will be defined in spot colours (Pantone), CMYK (for printing) and RGB (for screen display). The logo will be exported in all the different formats, with and without the icon, in colour and black and white. Everything will be brought together in a guide document or 'graphic chart' which will help you with the next steps in creating your brand and maintaining consistency, no matter the visual asset.

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