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Create visual concepts and build credibility

Stand out from the crowd! YES you can! And the best way to do so that is to have a brand identity that is your own, and appeals to your target audience.
As an independent designer, I use my skills and creative services, to increase your brands' visibility on all channels. My focus is on designing with structure and meaning, passion, and creativity.


Bring your brand and company to life by creating a strong visual brand identity and consolidating your brand's image.

Production and layout of all types of print documents, from flyers, brochures, business presentations to billboard creations and advertisements, 

Increase your brand's awareness and visibility on social media with the creation of social media content and GIFs.

Increase your brand's online presence by creating a website that is functional and responsive.

Integration of social networks.

Design a corporate video or animation 

Attract your target audience and present your business with tailor-made animated videos and GIFs.

Art inspires, motivates, excites, moves, entertains and increases curiosity. It is everything a brand inspires to be.


Passionate about using creativity for communication and as an independent graphic designer, I have collaborated with various brand and agencies in Paris, Metz, and Luxembourg. 

Quality design is essential to attracting new customers and standing out from competitors.

Working on a global approach, my goal is to create eye-catching brand and marketing assets for every physical and digital touchpoint of your brand experience, from your visual identity, to print layouts, in-store displays, to websites.

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Identité Visuelle pour Projet 24 pour Paris Olympiques 2024

My method of working

A creation must motivate, inspire and convince, but most of all solve a problem!

Want to know more about the way I create?

Discover my methodology to design a custom logo and visual identity. 

Serving the best partners and collaborators

FFMJC de Paris
Université de lorraine
Coconut Dessert Lounge Metz
Logo Pomellato & Dodo
Logo Equistore Middle East
Logo CHU Nancy

Have an idea and want to talk?
The feeling is mutual!

My goal is to help you achieve your goals! Fill in the questionnaire and let me know a little more about your project and ideas. I will contact you under 48 hours, and we can start from there.

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