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Robot artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Everyone is talking about it, go on any social media and there it is, ChatGPT and other AI that is taking over the world.

But is it really true?

Will artificial intelligence take over the world? I personally don't think so.

In an ever-evolving and constantly changing area like Graphic Design, it is very important as designers, to keep up with new trends, styles, and technology. Using these to our advantage is incredibly important and will potentially save our careers in the long term.

In my opinion, while artificial intelligence is making significant progress in fields like design, (take Midjourney as an example!) it is very unlikely that to completely take over design jobs.

I tried Midjourney to create a beautiful high en luxury gown. I absolutely love the result of it!

Fashion Design using Midjourney
Midjourney fashion design Nivi Tombre Design

Artificial intelligence is very good at performing repetitive and predictable tasks, but it lacks the creativity and problem-solving skills that are essential in any design field.

As humans and as creative designers, we certainly have the ability to understand and interpret complex briefs, understand our client needs, develop creative concepts, and make decisions that take into account the needs of the target audience.

I think we need to evolve and use these tools to our benefit and in turn, this will allow us to be more effective, responsive, efficient and productive. Productivity, will definitely be one of the biggest advantages of using artificial intelligence. Other benefits would include automating repetitive tasks like resizing images, generating colour palettes or typography and even suggesting layout ideas. Artificial intelligence would also help to analyse data to inform design decisions and identify trends.

Combining artificial intelligence with human creativity will create new possibilities of design and creative concepts and explore different design dimensions.

In summary, while AI may enhance some aspects of our work, maybe even helping us become better graphic designers, it is unlikely to completely replace human designers in the foreseeable future. Design absolutely requires human creativity, interpretation, and problem-solving skills, all of which, us as humans can offer better than any artificial intelligence.

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